Recently completed projects include complete plant relocation and site-clean-up, disposal of hazardous materials, major salvage and recycling operations including preparation, loading and transportation of overseas containers to Australia, Mexico, and also various points within the contiguous United States.

Recent Projects:

Caterpillar USA: Hazardous Materials Removal
Approximate Cost: $300,000.00    Duration: 60 days

Dana Holding Corp:  Machinery/Building Salvage; Relocation to Mexico
Approximate Cost: $320,000.00    Duration: 70 days

TEXTRON, INC: Machinery and Equipment Demolition and Removal
Approximate Cost: $280,000.00    Duration: 80 days

Steelox Industrial: Machinery Salvage, Building Structure Removal
Approximate Cost: $175,000.00    Duration: 65 days

RMG Foundry:  Building Structure Salvage, Plant Relocation
Approximate Cost: $250,000.00    Duration: 60 days

The Gerstenslager Company:  Machine Removal
Approximate Cost: $120,000.00    Duration: 30 days

Gleason-Holbrook: Machinery Relocation & Salvage of Plant to India
Approximate Cost: $50,000.00    Duration: 25 days   

Maytag Corporation: Machinery Removal; Equipment/Building Removal
Approximate Cost: $240,000.00    Duration: 45 days

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